Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Maria's not Mexican

We unknowingly took the bus to Taco Bell.
I like funny hats. 

Jason and Miley
We met Lisa at her work party...
This guy was wearing an Armani Exchange t-shirt that looked to be made out of aluminum foil.
Lisa hailed a cab for us in the middle of Houston Street
And this girl makes me feel VERY old...because I am getting there.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feliz Navidad

Christmas Eve got kicked off with a little Brett Land, Arnold and Cruikshanks. Clearly the excitement level was through the roof. I think I drank a quarter of a beer that out
Christmas morning!! Baby tree cost a pretty little penny. 
Gifts! We had to use this shot because unfortunately my pony (middle pink) came with an unfortunate deformity perhaps a burn on the top of her nose and she is very conscience of it. She is also losing her hair. Loret's pony is that prize winning purple goddess. Maria's is the nappy head bitch on the right.
Brett was responsible for coffee all day and Loret was in charge of a few different "things" all of which took a backseat to her pony grooming. Maria was in charge of making biscuits, we're still waiting.
Pumpkin spice pancakes, Maria and Loret's Aunt and a Brett Land breakfast beer.
Maria and Loret gave Arnold this sweater for Christmas, he thinks it makes him look thin. I agree.
A little bit of this...
Definitely A LOT of this...
Which inevitably leads to this...Maria at her finest.
If ya don't know now ya