Monday, March 30, 2009

crept and we came

been up to a few things, like...

a photo shoot for kaight (and kate) shot by kevin hayden at the nut roaster.

the models: emily and mehgan

amalia catered the shoot with really yummy dishes. holler if you need a caterer.


arnold was first assistant, but between you and me he was a little unprofessional.

evening look (?) the crew: kevin, adam and jt, whose sole job was to distribute beer, mostly to himself. oh yea, gery modeled in the shoot too!
arnold celebrated his 1st birthday with a rager!
lisa redecorated for the guests.

arnold, you're drrrunk!

dana brought arnie and miley for the long haired dachshund orgy.

ariel played his rendition of bronski beat's "smalltown boy"

bentley exceeded the puppy weight for the party, but he got a consolatory bath.

different house party. this one was strictly for people.

ty corndogging strangers was probably the best time at the party.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Every single one of these fools were lurking on the bench outside of my work today. It had me wanting to fake a sexually based offense. Wish Coco would've been around.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

ariel played a show last night at 322 troutman

"my band is trapped in a box." it's true; we were there.

glow stick crosses...holler if you want one.

some people dressed in costume

ariel signed autographs after the show...
...on people's hands